Frequently Asked Questions

Important info you MUST KNOW

Let me start – It sounds WILD EAST- its not. But be awake by being well prepared. It is Africa after all, with its challenges. Mozambique is much more peaceful than many other countries.

Be prepared, be vigilant and you will have a good trip and holiday. We guide our guests, based on our experiences and info and what we learn from others. We however take no responsibility or accountability when incidents occur, or otherwise, if our information is not correct.

Check all your documents, be sure it is valid. (Passport, UBC + Cert Copies less than 3 months old, Vehicle & Trailer Registration papers, Vehicle and trailer license, 3rd Party insurance, Spare keys, reflective jackets, Tri-angles, check your spare tyre and also remember your spare tyre lock key, and white gold in the car for the road (toilet paper), trailer papers and spare tyre.

Do NOT drive at night. people that can run in front of you in the night (maybe drunk), the vehicles without lights or reflectors, but worst of all, if something happens, you will be most probably on your own, at the mercy of the policeman, street dwellers, mosquito’s etc, that are still awake. Take this tip seriously. Most people don’t want to listen to your sad story at 01h00. Where do you get accommodation that time?
They trap at night too (Mozzie Eyes). Bad things can happen at night.

AT THE BORDER – Pay MT750 TIP(Temporary Import Permit) fee – nothing else.
Do everything yourself – all info is in Files.** If you do not concentrate, it’s going to cost you. **Get out of that area asap. Do NOT Stop within 5km from Lebombo Border. It’s a HIGH CRIME AREA.

Make sure your passport is stamped with the correct date. READ this AGAIN!!!!!! **They may use biometric scanning. Believe me you will cry when you come back if you used a helper (runner)

Keep your gate-pass (if issued) and documents in a closed folder. Sometimes they (runners) pose as officials, they will swarm your car. Stand your ground and ignore them blatantly. However, a lot was done to remove these scammers from the border.

NEVER show money. No one can check your money, except a Customs Official with blue uniform.

Do not Pay for anything else. Get your 3rd party before the time online (Click here – same price – into your email –, as well as your Moz Sim Cards and airtime for data, from our online shop.

LISTEN NOW – At the Moz Ressano Garcia border, If one person waits at the car to check your belongings, don’t fall for the scam that your “husband” wants change, or money for this or that. Ensure (feel) your car is locked, they may use jammers. Leave a person at the vehicle if things are open. Hide valuables inside the car. Be vigilant. That person waiting, can stamp later.

When driving into Moz through Komatipoort borders, don’t stop within 4km from the border, keep doors locked, windows closed. Get out of that area – it is a crime area. Rather meet each other at JoMoz.

We have 2 Moz approved providers. It’s safe quick and easy, same price and in your email.
NOTE: The 3rd Party is compulsory, its different to your insurance in SA’s 3rd Party cover.

The Moz 3rd party is like the SA Road Accident Fund, which is paid for in the fuel levy. It is law to have the 3rd party from an approved Moz insurer. GET IT. (The providers will also contribute to charity events for Mozambique that we launch from time to time.

If you speed – you will save maybe 30 to 40 minutes… assuming you are not caught or strike a pedestrian. So sit back, relax when you enter Mozambique. Its not only your destination that is beautiful.

When driving together in convoy, please maintain a proper following distance of 200m or more, to allow other to pass and to give you ample time to stop should something happen (about 3 to 5 seconds following time, just count from when the front vehicle pass a fixed object, until you reach there.

End of Reduced Speed Zone:
If there is NO speed upliftment sign, just check for oncoming traffic speed signage on other side of the road when exiting town. Then go 100m past it and accelerate. Top-speed is normally 100kph and even if it shows 120, it is 100kph if you tow.


Obey the law. Accidents are difficult to handle, and it does happen. If you are wrong, take it like a man. Use Zello if you are unsure.

Print the documents and maps in the Files Vault on website, even the Law and put in travel folder.

Load Zello (Walkie-Talky App ) and Telegram (Works like WhatsApp). Learn how to use it before you go. Don’t wait till you need it. (It Works on Data).

If you are lost / in trouble / need advice – call on Zello, there are many that have knowledge that may assist. Also chat on the DriveMozChat channel if you get bored, or want to know about weather, fishing and bikini sales, topless beaches etc.

Lets see who still reads all this – because it is important info.
So Like this post when finished reading AND Males must comment with “Obrigado” / FEMALES comment “Obrigada” at the end after you read ALL. If you not sure about Male / Female – just say Obrigadx

Do not drive with Slip-On’s, without shirt, with alcohol inside the cabin (open or closed),* body parts outside the car, topless etc.
All passengers must be fastened with seatbelts and do not exceed the official seating capacity as on the licence disk. Children below 12yrs must be strapped in car seats.

If stopped, switch off the radio, remove sunglasses, be respectful. Check the allegation, make sure it’s your vehicle that has defaulted. The Fine can be checked in the law that you printed, or the sheet we have in Files.
If you are wrong, pay the fine and insist on a receipt. If in need, call on Zello.

DO NOT BRIBE. You are feeding the dragon. Come-on, we all complain about that in our home countries, don’t be a Gupta. Make sure you get a receipt for a fine. Make sure of the amount as per the info in the Files (print it, take it with). Moz government is out to catch people that participate in bribery. Watch it and don’t cry for me Argentina.

DO NOT ROAM – its R50 to R100 / MB. Buy a Moz Simcard beforehand from DriveMoz we will Fica it, and load airtime to be converted to data. Leave some airtime for a few calls. Moz data is VERY cheap.

Fuelling-up. 50PPM is now standard diesel in Moz. Stand next to the fill-cap whilst attendant is filling. Make sure the Meter starts on ZERO. Make sure all fuel goes into YOUR vehicle not a can standing next to the pump, or a neighbour vehicle. PS – Moz now has 50ppm Diesel everywhere. Importing diesel has high tax.

When paying with Credit Card make very sure of the amount, (check slip also) hide your pin entry, never let the card out of your eyes. Exchange rate at Fuel stations are not favourable.

Read our Border Procedures in the Members Area on the website. No money needs to be paid for any service except the TIP price. How to complete the TIP (Temporary Import Permit) is also in the Files.

Money Exchange: DO NOT exchange Money in the Border ZONE Areas. There is an ATM on the Moz side. Moz police is watching you. You WILL be conned.

Ring Road is a shortcut that bypasses the Maputo and Matola congestion. The Ring Road onramp to bypass Maputo is now completed and you use it to go North. The off-ramp is just when you pass the Matola River and well signposted towards Xai Xai.

Do not confuse this Ring Road with Moamba North or South roads, which are gravel. Google Maps will take you on those roads, which are ok for higher vehicles, but towing is not recommended.

Speed Limit is 60, but it only takes 17 minutes to the EN1 vs 2 hours via Maputo.

Read here to really save money. CONCENTRATE: The Mozzie Eye at Chizavane is tricky and waits to suck your blood. Everyone thinks they are out of the 60 Zone. you are not. Save these coordinates in your GPS –

ENJOY MOZAMBIQUE – You worked hard for the holiday, you and everyone else are looking forward to it. Respect the country, its people, its laws, other holidaymakers and assist fellow DriveMozzers when you see them in need or maybe have trouble on the road.

On the Road- Police ID & Fines
  • Travelling on the roads in Mozambique can be a very pleasant experience and like anywhere else in the world there are things that you must be aware off. The N4 continues from South Africa to Maputo and it is managed by the company Trans African Concessions (TRAC). In Mozambique there are two toll Plazas, namely the Moamba Toll Plaza and the Maputo Toll Plaza. Both accept only cash Metical, Rand or US Dollar and change will be paid in the local currency.

    With this in mind, we wish to assist you in a safe and stress free journey by sharing Mozambique’s travel regulations with you. There are different officials on the road performing specific functions in controlling various elements. When stopping for an official, please indicate, stop and turn on your hazard lights. Kindly turn down the music and remove your sunglasses. The officer will appreciate this as a small token of respect.

    1. Officers in White Shirts and Blue Trousers – *Traffic Police* – shall carry identification, with their names and number visible on their uniform – are permitted to fine you for any traffic violations listed in this table. Please insist on a written fine and do not initiate a bribe.

    2.1 Officers in Light Blue Shirt and Dark Grey Trousers – *Protection Police* – are NOT permitted to fine you for any violations. They are allowed to take you to the police station for arrest only if you are found carrying stolen goods or illegal substance or contraband, or for theft or assault. They normally work together with the Traffic Police.

    2.2 Officers in Olive Green uniforms with thin broken brown lines – *Protection Police*

    3. Officers in Light Green or White Shirt and Green Trousers with red Armband – *Municipal Police* – are only permitted to check taxis.

    4. Officers in Blue Shirt and Blue Trousers – *Alfândega (Customs)* – permitted to search vehicles for undeclared items.

    5. *Military* – allowed to search vehicle at roadblocks or border posts.

    6. Officers in LIGHT Green – *Rapid Intervention Police* – similar duties to Protection Police.

    7. Officer in Light or Dark Blue Shirt & Blue Trousers – *Maritime Police* – manage the beach and water crafts/vehicles/boats. They are permitted to fine you.

Numbers to Save

**Useful contact numbers in Mozambique:
**Anti-corruption/help : +258 82 396 9890
ER24 Maputo : +258 84 124 3724
TRAC EN4 Route – Emergencies: +258 82 303 4303
South African High Commission in Maputo: +258 82 303 4303
After hours: +258 84 304 4600

What to do before coming to Mozam
  • Take malaria tablets, you can get this over the counter which you take the day before you leave.
  • Rands are good for most of the local purchases.
Driving License and Fines

**It is possible to convert a South African Drivers License to a foreign driving license in the country where he / she currently resides. To start the procedure the applicant must approach the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) in South Africa. It will be in a position to issue a confirmation letter should such an applicant have a valid drivers license – as confirmed by the eNATIS system in South Africa. This letter will serve as proof that the applicant does indeed hold a valid license and it will enable the person to convert the license to a foreign driving license in the country where he / she currently resides.

Process to follow: Request the RTMC in writing for a printout and confirmation letter of your drivers license.
Request must include: Your contact details – including a fax number; Copy of your bar coded ID document; Copy if your drivers license.
RTMC in South Africa is Boardwalk Office Park – Phase 5, Boardwalk Boulevard, Faerie Glen, 0043

**Mozambican Traffic Violations & Fines (Road Decree 1/2011)
**1. None compliance to permanent and temporary traffic road signs (Art 14) = 1000MTN

2. Drivers shall not drive with any part of their body outside the vehicle (Art 16) = 1000MTN

3. Not reducing speed at: hills; bends; intersections; circles; bridges; tunnels; villages; buildings; schools; people; animals; places of reduced visibility; and places signposted as danger (perigo) (Art 32) = 1000MTN

4. Speed limits (Art 33):
The only road in Mozambique which allows a speed of 120 km/h is the main road from Resano Garcia border to Matola.
• Small passenger vehicle w/o trailer in towns 60km, out of towns 100kmph
• Small passenger vehicle with trailer in towns 60km, out of towns 100kmph
• Goods vehicle in towns 60kmph, out of towns 100kmph
Exceeding max limit up to 20km/h (within towns) & 30km/h (0utside of towns) = 1000MTN
Exceeding max limit up to 40km/h = 2000MTN
Exceeding max limit up to 60km/h = 4000MTN
Exceeding max limit more than 60km/h = 8000MTN
Exceeding max limit more than double = Prison sentence of between 3 days and 3 months, plus fine = 8000MTN
Speed cameras must show speed travelled & date of the offense.

5. Exceeding seated passenger limit (Art 55) = 500MTN

6. Cargo reducing driver visibility (e.g. canoes must face up or protruding the length or width of the vehicle (Art 56) = 1000MTN

7. Not having correct or working illumination, light signalling devices, reflectors, lights, blue & white towing sticker (Art 59, 60) = 1000MTN – 2000MTN

8. Failure to use emergency lights with vehicle breakdown or tow (Art 63) = 750MTN

9. Ignoring traffic signals (Art 69) = 1000MTN

10. Throwing objects from vehicles = 500MTN

Alcohol Fines

Having alcohol inside the vehicle and not in the trunk/boot (Art 81) = 500MTN

1. Driving under the influence of alcohol, when tested by breathalyser (Art 81):
Between 0.0mg/l – 0.3mg/l 1,500
Between 0,3mg/l to 0,4mg/1 = 2500MTN
Between 0,41mg/l to 0,7mg/l = 3500MTN
More than 0,7mg/l = 5000MTN
More than 1,2mg/l = 5000MTN
A public transport or dangerous cargo driver – if over 0,0mg/l = Prison sentence up to one month plus fine prison sentence of up to 6 months plus fine (Art 81)
Apart from the fine you get your driver’s license confiscated, and depending on the reading it will determine the period that it will remain confiscated.

2. Driving under the influence of narcotics or psychotropic (Art 81) 2000MTN

Driving Regulations

Failure to fasten seat belt while driving, front and back (Art 87) 500MTN

1. Children under the age of 12 not transported on the back seat and secured with a system for their height and weight (fine for each child) (Art 87) – Children under the age of 3 can travel in the front seat if using a back facing retention system (Art 87). 300MTN

2. Drivers and passengers of motorcycles not wearing helmets (Art 87) 300MTN

3. Driver using any audio headphone or radio/telephonic (cell phones) device without headset with microphone/loudspeaker (Art 89) 2000MTN

4. Prohibited to use equipment/devices to detect instruments for recording offenses (radar detectors) – devices can be confiscated (Art 89) 2750MTN

5. Failure to have 2 safety triangles and 1 reflective jacket (Art 91) 1000MTN

6. Driving an unregistered vehicle (Art 120) 5000MTN

7. Driving an unregistered trailer (Art 120) 2500MTN

8. SADC drivers licenses are valid (Art 129):

Driving with an invalid drivers license = 1000MTN

Having a drivers license but not carrying it with you (Art 127) = 200MTN

Not being qualified to drive (never taken test and received license) = Prison sentence of between 3 days and 6 months, plus fine (Art 127)

Driving with an expired license (more than 30 days) (Art 127)

Not complying with medical restrictions of drivers license (Art 127)

9. Failure to stop after causing an accident or abandoning injured/deceased persons = Prison time between one and eight years (Art 152).

10. Failure to have 3rd party insurance (Art 157) In the event of an accident vehicle will be seized (Art 162). *Remember 3rd Party insurance is compulsory* (Must be Moz registered Company).

11. Seizure of driver’s license (Art 160):
When license has expired;
When license has been suspended;
When driver under the influence;
Suspected it is falsified.

12. Seizure of vehicle documents (Art 161):
When the vehicle is seized;
When the papers are illegible;
When the vehicle is unsafe;
Number plates do not comply with regulatory conditions;
When characteristics of the vehicle (including tyre measurements) do not match those on the papers (CHECK weight, colour or any info of the car matches the paperwork); = Suspected they are falsified.

13. Regarding the above, the official will use a note as a substitute for a time and restrictions set thereon, e.g. for the vehicle to be taken for repairs and must be returned repaired within a maximum of 8 days (Art 161) 1500MTN

14. Seizure of a vehicle (Art 162):
Vehicle not conforming to registration specifications;
No number plates;
An accident has been caused without 3rd party insurance;

15. Voluntary compliance/payment of fines must be exercised within 15 days at any Provincial Traffic Department of Police (Art 172).

16. Driving on the beach without a permit = 22 000MTN

**Light vehicles not having a fire extinguisher.
Objects on the back seat of the vehicle.
Driver not wearing a shirt or shoes.
Wearing sunglasses while driving.

Mozambique Articles = “Boletim da República – Publicacäo Oficial da República de Mocambique

Driving in Mozam
  • You must go 80 and 60 where it shows, you can drive fast in between. There were cops at EVERY single 60k zone.
  • You may be checked after the Xai-Xai bridge by officials wearing blue uniforms.
  • Dont hand over passports to them but they can take photos of your passport to write down. They are from immigrations and its all legitimate.
  • There is no Wimpy or food stalls on the way so pack good padkos.
  • There are good fuel stations all the way up and it was R12,80/l Diesel on 30 November 2020.
How to get a sim card or stickers?
  • Check DriveMoz for this. Internet is cheap and fast and you need a passport to get a new SIM card.

Please click link below fo more info:

Getting a Sim

Other things to do in the area?
  • Inhambane and the restaurant
  • Walk about to the hotel
  • Pansy Island
  • Church at Chidenguel